This is my journey...from a child in Kentucky to a man with a guitar, visions and songs forever running through my head. I've spent much of my life waiting for the right moment to record these ideas, rearranging the words and music until they most conveyed the thoughts and pictures I envisioned. I've strived to improve my abilities and build the confidence needed to capture my emotions and experience in the studio. There are many influences I credit for my diverse style. There are also those whom inspired me to write a song or continue honing my craft. My songs are sometimes specific to those people, while others are just stories. It's taken several years to put all these life's experiences to music.

Now, I finally have...

1. Big Wheels Click to play!
2. Tempe Click to play!
3. Don't Cry For Me Click to play!
4. Pocketful of Change Click to play!
5. I Am What You Need Click to play!
6. The Dog Song Click to play!
7. Reach The Shore Click to play!
8. You And Me Click to play!
9. The Tire Man Click to play!
10. I'm Alive Click to play!

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All songs written by Brian Caudill
Produced by Darrell Dodge and Brian Caudill
Recorded at Dodge Songs Studio except portions of "Pocketful of Change" recorded at Studio 420
Engineered and Mastered by Darrell Dodge at Dodge Songs Studio
Photos by Kat Ternes and Fritz Kloepfel Photography
Graphic Design by Kat Ternes
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